Meet Serge, member of the Ouicar Community on Howtank.

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In this new interview, meet Serge, member of the Ouicar Community on Howtank.

McrayonpapierFirst of all, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Serge, I joined Ouicar a year ago and I have rented my car more than 30 times.

When and how did you discover the Click to Community®?

In January 2015, Ouicar reached out on email to invite me to become a helper and to explain the concept of Click to Community® to me.
At that time, I had been a Ouicar user for 4 months, and I had already done some rentals.

Could you tell us about your first impressions of this social network?

I was immediately thrilled by the idea of putting in my own two cents worth and helping out Ouicar’s users. That’s why I joined the community right away. I was shy at the beginning, so I observed other members’ conversations for a day to make sure I fully understood the concept, saw the type of requests and the constructive answers I could give them before starting.

The next day I responded for the first time in a conversation with a user. Phew, I’d done it 😉

I started interacting with the other members of my community really quickly. We help each other out, but we also chat about almost anything and everything!

I don’t talk that much on the shared chatroom between all communities as there are lots of messages and I’m not attentive enough to be able to follow them all.

What brings you here today to participate in the community?

I have quite a lot of free time. The Click to Community® is now a part of my regular activities, it’s like a habit and I’m usually there on evenings.

My primary motivation is helping the users. Most of the time, a short explanation is all it takes for them to get it.

Then there is also the friendly competition aspect amongst my fellow helpers in the community.

How would you describe Howtank in one word?

Helping each other out 🙂

What is your best memory of Click to Community® so far?

I don’t have a particular memory in mind, but I do enjoy these anonymous conversations.

Is there an anecdote you would like to share with us?

Once, an owner who was renting for the first time contacted us in a total panic. The renter was over 2 hours late, and she’d had no news from them. I remember the anxiety of my first rental, so I could imagine her desperation. She was so panicked that I felt she was just writing absolutely everything that was going through her mind, so quickly that I did not have time to respond. She was not paying attention to my answers, in any case. She was literally imagining every possible worst case scenario: an accident, a theft, the car being used in a robbery, the car being sold abroad …

Then suddenly it all stopped; no more messages. I tried saying “hello…is anyone there…?” I waited for 15 more minutes, then she finally answered all relieved having just spoken to the renter who was waiting in front of her house. She admitted she had been so panicked that she had confused her appointment with the renter with her appointment at the hairdressers. I guess the hairdresser is still waiting…

Thank you so much Serge and see you all on our next post !

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