Introducing Morgane, member of the L’Occitane France community

Let’s continue our portrait series of the members of the different Howtank communities. This week it’s with Morgane, a member of the L’Occitane France community.

MTFirst of all, could you tell us a little about yourself ?

My name is Morgane, I’m 28 years-old and I live close to Rouen in the Haute Normandie region. I am really interested in everything related to the protection of nature and I’m passionate about creative activities such as jewellery, painting and sewing. I love it all! I actually have my own online shop on a community website. 😉

When and how did you discover the Click to Community®?

L’Occitane reached out and invited me to join the community on Howtank. I have to admit that when I received l’Occitane’s email, I was a bit puzzled because I hadn’t heard of Howtank or the “Click to Community” before.

It didn’t take me too long to jump in as I’m a real fan of l’Occitane, especially due to their commitment to the environment.

Could you tell us about your first impressions of this social network?

Well, I was a bit lost at the beginning… I didn’t know how it worked or how to take the chats. Luckily, the website has tons of helping tools! You can talk to other members of the community that are connected and ask questions and make comments in the forum.

The other members helped me out straight away so I was able to understand how everything worked and could launch myself into my first chat!

bullecoeurWhat brings you here today to participate in the community?

There are many reasons why I log on.

First of all, I come to talk to the other members and to the L’Occitane team. The people I’ve met in the community so far are all really nice. It’s always nice to talk to them, share our experiences of the products or just chat about anything and everything! 

I also enjoy talking to the visitors on the website. I like being able to give a hand to others by sharing my opinions about the products I know well, and help them find a specific product, or give advice about the website.

According to you, what are the advantages of the Click to Community® to the website visitors?

The response is immediate and the discussion is more friendly. The user is talking to another client who can give their total honest personal opinion. I find it more reassuring.

How would you describe Howtank in one word?

In one word, that’s tough! I would say “sharing”!

It really is the main idea: we share our opinions, but also our ideas, desires and stories.

What is your best memory of the Click to Community® so far?

I’d say my best memory was my first day in the community: to be honest, when I arrived I wondered several times what I was doing there! But right after my first chat, everything went smoothly and it became a real pleasure.

I have no regrets about jumping in and I thank l’Occitane for inviting me to join, it has been a wonderful experience so far!

Is there an anecdote you would like to share with us?

Once, a visitor wanted to know if L’Occitane’s products were ..edible !! 😉

Thank you Morgane and see you all soon! 

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