Introducing Fiona and Rova, members of the Sarenza community on Howtank

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This week, Fiona and Rova, our two shoe addict members of the Sarenza community, share their experience of Click to Community® and their meeting with Sarenza.

First of all, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

RovaMy name is Rova, I just turned 30 years-old and I live in the Paris region.
I’m a part of this super-connected generation that enjoys buying, booking, chatting online and I work in the web industry ;).
Passionate about fashion, I make my own jewellery that I sell…online!


FionaI’m Fiona, a 30 year-old recently engaged, half French half Scot, owner of three black cats.

I live in Haute-Marne in France (the place to be!). I’m a commercial assistant in Forges and pretty proud of “my” factory.

When and how did you join the Sarenza community?

Fiona: Thanks to an invitation Sarenza sent me last June. It caught my attention and I had some spare time at the time, so that’s when it all began!
Although I was a little unclear at the beginning, the Sarenza team were really welcoming and today I’m lucky to be one of the first members of the Sarenza community.

Rova: I initially discovered Howtank through another community. Then in September, I received an email inviting me to join the Sarenza community. I liked the concept and quickly signed myself up.

What brings you here today to take part in the community?

RovaOur lifestyle has changed; nowadays, we spend way more time in front of our screens. Human contact is getting lost. When the “robot” chats emerged a couple of years ago, I found it interesting but didn’t like the lack of human contact.
But now Howtank has changed all that! I can help others and share my experience myself using the chat.

Fiona: I log on to chat with the users, for the satisfaction of helping them but also (and probably most of all) for the other members of the community and the Sarenza team: it’s good fun, lots of laughs… we’re amongst girlfriends!

Rova: Yes, it’s really nice !

Sarenza invited you to spend a day at their office, how did it go?

Rova: GREAT! Firstly, it gave us the opportunity to put faces to the names of other members of the community, but also to meet Mélanie, “our savior” from the Sarenza team.
They were so welcoming! We were introduced to all the different departments and we took part in a brainstorming workshop about the community

Fiona: We shared our feedback as clients as well as members of the community, played at fashion critics of the new collection, we even had a photo shoot, a manicure… and cherry on cake – a lunch with the General Director herself!

RovaWe were so pampered! Thank you Amira for arranging the day. ❤

What have you taken away from this experience?

RovaOnly positive things ! A day full of introductions, discussions and sharing. The recognition Sarenza gave us for our engagement with the community.

Fiona: It’s a fantastic memory! A really pleasant and instructive meeting; we were able to share our opinions and felt genuinely listened to during debate – it gave us a real boost to welcome future members.

Do you have anything else to add to end this interview?

Rova: I’m a huge fan of the concept!

Fiona: I like the freedom we have: there is no specific hour to log on, we can talk in the private chat room, create posts on the forum… You get caught up in it quickly!
I’m glad I joined the community; I think the community part is crucial. :

Many thanks to Rova and Fiona for this lovely interview, and see you all soon for our next post! 

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