Auchan Community Members howtank meeting

Friendships formed through howtank…

Today we have Angélique and Florine, two members of the Auchan community, telling us about their experience of howtank, where they became friends. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?  Florine: I’m Florine, I’m 22 (nearly 23) years old and I live near Lille. I’m a true northerner 🙂 ! I’m a member […]


The Community’s Playlist

How’s your summer going ? It’s sunny, it’s hot, and it’s time to blast out a good summer playlist to get in the best mood. Luckily for us, the community has been sharing their favorite songs of the moment on Howtank, so we’ve gathered them all together in a very special and surprising summer playlist.  You’ll […]


Meet Dorix, the very first member on howtank !

This week, we’d like to introduce you to the very first member of Howtank! He was the very first to embark on the adventure and discover the Click to Community universe almost 3 years ago. Meet Dorix, member of the PriceMinister-Rakuten community and “village elder” of Howtank. 🙂 Hi Dorix, could you tell us a […]


Maelle, Manager of the Blablacar Community on Howtank

This week, it’s Maelle, Manager of the blablacar Community who’s popped in to say Hi  Hi Maelle, could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m Maelle, 25 years-old, and I’ve been working for Blablacar’s Customer Care for 4 years now. What company do you work for? BlaBlaCar  What is your role? To pamper our […]


Lights, camera, action! #Joinyourcommunity

#Joinyourcommunity Do you remember the lovely declarations of love some of you sent us a couple of weeks ago? Well we are still moved and sincerely touched by how much you value your experience of the Click to Community. Amongst these nice compliments, some messages that cropped up often included: “Howtank in one word? Oh […]


The Team Infography: 10 things to know about us!

After the infography of the Howtank Community members, it’s our turn to reveal the secrets of the Howtank team! DID YOU KNOW…? At Howtank, there are almost as many women as men 😉 The average age is …the golden age, 30 years-old! To us, holidays mean sea, sun and sand… On Wednesdays it’s Falafel from […]


Meet Serge, member of the Ouicar Community on Howtank.

In this new interview, meet Serge, member of the Ouicar Community on Howtank. First of all, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Serge, I joined Ouicar a year ago and I have rented my car more than 30 times. When and how did you discover the Click to Community®? […]

Meet Scarlett, member of the Videdressing community

To get to know the community better, lets continue our portrait series with Scarlett, a fashionista and member of the Videdressing community. First of all, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hello, I’m Scarlett. I’m 28-year-old and I live in the Paris region. I’ve worked as a freelancer since I graduated from […]

Meet Evelyne, member of the France Loisirs community

Today, let’s meet Evelyne, member of the France Loisirs community. First of all, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? Hi, my name is Evelyne. I’m a “young” 63-year-old, retired, mother to “a gone” (an only child). So yes, as you’ve noticed, I’m from Lyon (France). After almost 42 years of good and […]


International Women’s Day is…

… almost every day at Howtank. This morning, for the 8th of March, we checked the numbers and confirmed what we had always suspected: our favourite Lebanese caterer is not the only place where the “half-half” formula works best. The Howtank team is currently made up of 53% girls and 47% boys! We wish you a wonderful International Women’s Day […]

Introducing… Eldegard, a member of the ALLO RESTO community

Every month, our blog sheds light on a member of one of the communities. Today, we meet Eldegard (aka Eldoudou, Christophe, or Chris), a member of Howtank’s ALLO RESTO community. Find out who he is, what inspires him and his best memories, as Eldegard spills all!   Could you introduce yourself briefly? Hey! My name is […]

Introducing… Manon

Behind Howtank is a team of super heroes, Click to Community® specialists, experts of community support, the kings of…  OK, OK, you get the general idea. At Howtank, we’re very proud of our team members. To get to know us better, every month we’ll be treating you to a portrait of one of our team mates. […]

Welcome to the Howtank Click to Community® blog!

Today is a very special day – we’re delighted to introduce our very first post on our very first blog! Why start a blog? We decided to start a blog. “Not another one!” I hear you cry. “What’s the point?” Let me assure you that we haven’t decided to start a blog to post endless […]